Volunteering at the centre

With up to 200 cats at the centre we are always grateful for an extra pair of hands. Whether you get into the nitty gritty of cleaning, spend time grooming the cats or sit and socialise some of the long term cats, your donated time is very important to us.

There is always an awful lot to do with pens and runs needing to be cleaned daily. As you can imagine there are lots of bowls and bedding that need washing so there is never a dull moment. Some of the work is pretty exhausting, especially when you are not used to it but it's great to see a gleaming adoption centre which our cats & visitors appreciate.

It's not all about cleaning though, we still need to groom and socialise cats to ensure that they enjoy some quality time and get a break from their daily routine. The cats that have been with us for a long time really do appreciate an extra fuss which is where volunteers can help make a difference to their day.

If you would like to know more about roles available click here for more information