Text Giving FAQ

Text giving — FAQs

1. How can people donate?
ANSWER: Text CATS23 to 70660 to donate £3.  This is a one-off donation amount and is not a regular text donation commitment.  
(note: They don't have to add in the amount as it is only set up to take £3 and if they do it in lower case it works as well).

2. Does the text cost anything?
ANSWER: The text is charged at standard network rate and the reply received from us is free to receive.

3. What happens after people text in?
ANSWER: They receive a thank you text message to confirm we have received your donation. This message will also contain a link to Gift Aid the donation. The reply text will also give a chance to opt out of marketing calls by texting PAWS to 70660 and also provides the supporter care number 0800 9172287 for any questions.
(note: normal gift aid rules apply — they have to tick box to say they are a UK taxpayer)

4. What happens if people opt out of calls?
ANSWER: They will then receive a message thanking them for their support and asking do they want to opt into receiving updates by SMS by texting the word SMS to 70660.

5. Can supporters gift aid their donation?
ANSWER: Yes, providing they are a UK taxpayer they can fill in the form in the link provided.
(note: if they are already on our database then yes they do still have to do the form)

6. What if people don't want to be contacted in future?
ANSWER: They can text PAWS to 70660 to opt out of marketing calls.
Or call our supporter care number on 0800 9172287 or email supporter.services@cats.org.uk  

7. What will Cats Protection do with phone numbers?
ANSWER: If people have not opted out of calls then they will be contacted at a later date by trained fundraisers representing Cats Protection, discussing the important work of our charity and asking those who express an interest whether they will support our work by signing up to our Cat Sponsorship or Weekly Lottery fundraising schemes.

8. Can people donate more than £3?
ANSWER: Yes, they can text more than once, up to a daily limit of £30. There are also a number of other ways in which people can support Cats Protection — for more details see http://www.cats.org.uk/birmingham/support-us

9. Can people set up a monthly donation by text?
ANSWER: Currently we only offer a one-off text donation facility but you can set up a regular online donation — see
http://www.cats.org.uk/birmingham/support-us  but this is something we are looking at introducing in the future.

10. How much of the text donation will the charity get?
ANSWER: The charity receives 100% of the donation from all mobile network providers and no VAT is deducted.

11. Can under l6's donate?
ANSWER: All supporters must obtain permission from the bill payer before sending a text message. If they are under 16 years old, they must have your parent or guardian's permission before texting to donate.

12. Can people donate from outside the UK?
ANSWER: You can only donate from a UK mobile. If people try and donate from outside of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland they may incur additional network charges.

13. Are there any terms and conditions?
ANSWER: Yes, we MUST display the following compliance text adjacent to the message and all advertising on social media MUST contain a link to the compliance text on the Cats Protection website (http://www.cats.org.uk/terms-and-conditions)

Compliance text:
Text costs £3 plus network charge. Cats Protection receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer's permission. Customer Care Number 0800 9172287. Charity No. 203644 (England and Wales) and SCO37711 (Scotland)