Donated Gifts in Kind

You can help us in more than one way to help.

Calling all of our wonderful cat lovers and supporters - if you would like to make a donation of FOOD rather than funds, towards the constant needs of all our cats and kittens that we look after, then we know they would be extremely grateful if you could bring along these following items :-


* Felix KITTEN food pouches= these hungry little ones grow so fast - and we have been known to need to feed almost 150 kittens at one time during our busiest kitten season!

* Whiskas KITTEN food pouches = sometimes these kittens can be really choosey about their food, especially if are poorly and have lost their appetite.


* Whiskas ADULT food (Jelly variety) pouches= occasionally new arrivals prefer an alternative texture to our regular food, and this has proved very popular.


* Felix As Good As It Looks (kitten & adult) pouches = again a regular alternative, popular for those whose appetite needs a bit of an encouragement entering a strange environment.

No dry food (biscuits / kibbles) is required for the moment, thank you.

Just drop off your donation here at the centre, and maybe have look at some more furry friends as well, to see where your donation goes to help.  We are open 7 days a week, 11am-3pm.

Cats Protection Adoption Centre, Packhorse Lane, Hollywood, B47 5DH.