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Yoko's Diary Part Two

19 January 2018

Day 8:

I was already upstairs in the best spot by the heater when the human disturbed me by going to bed.  Hobbes and Cooper followed soon after and I discovered they curl around the human to keep her in place so she doesn't lose her extra furs.  Apparently they don't have their own fur and need out help to keep warm at night.  We took shifts and I was there on my own this morning when the alarm went off.  The human got up and went downstairs with the other cats, so I had to sit by my room and hope she remembered to come back and give me my sweetie which she did.  I then went off to discover food while the human went back to bed.  Seems like it is a snow day and no-one wants to get up.  I looks fun out there but I need to wait until taller human comes back to try the outside.

The white stuff is still falling from the sky and the humans went out in it for hours!  The other cats are grumpy today, and the Great Grey Shark was very shouty tonight so I do run away.  I am still up and it is probably past my bedtime, but don't tell the humans!!

Wren x

Day 9:
The boys told me that the best way to get breakfast is to jump on the humans until they move.  Tried it a couple of times as it was Monday and they should have been getting up for work and they were late.  The female finally moved.  We all went down stairs for breakfast and it took FOREVER as she had to do food for the four of us.  Ari came to check I was being given my sweetie properly.  I had a good few sneezes afterwards.

Off to run around and play with Hobbes and Cooper.

Wren x

Day 10:

Quiet night.  Too quiet, scared the man again by checking he was still breathing.  This is a very important and unappreciated service I am providing for him!.  Breakfast and sweetie was provided at a much more suitable time as the humans headed out for work.  Spent most of the night in my spot by the heater as I'm small and don't have the spare body heat as yet to fully help keep the short woman alive.  Still no sign of the tall woman.  I wonder if she got lost in all the white stuff that fell from the sky.  No going out there to find her.

Wren x

Day 11:

The tall female human is home today!! I am *really* sneezing though and she kept trying to make me eat my sweetie even though I didn't want to, and wouldn't let Hobbes play with me!  She wasn't so mean when she left.  I was put back into my room.  Hmph! I did a massive sneeze to show I didn't like that, so then she brought me a whole bowl of breakfast that I got to eat all to myself (she just wanted to say sorry)/  I didn't even have to share with Cooper.  I am off to see where else I can explore.

Day 12, 13, 14  & 15

Last night because of my sneezing I was able to have an extra sweetie and some horrible sweet, sticky goop. I don't know what is going on.  The humans are providing lots of food though in all sorts of flavours now!  I can run from one bowl to another and it all tastes different.  I have gain 1/2 kilo since I moved in.  Still lots more growning to do.

After breakfast I played with Auntie Dena, and the chewsed on the tall females hand, although I did get distracted by Cooper chasing something that wasn't really therem, so I chased his tail while he chased nothing. Great fun!

Wren x

Day 16:

Cooper finally discovered his own tail last night, you would of thought he would of found it earlier, but no, I think it came as a surprise to him so he pounced on it a lot.  The humans have gone to work again so it must be "nap" time. 
After my nap time I commanded that the smaller human feed me again, and annexed her leg to make up for the fact that she kept trying to stroke my face earlier,  She is talking about needing food, but she should of eaten when she fed me, I am on her lap and will not be moving!

Wren x

Day 17:

Last night the females discovered where I have been hiding my sweeties.  I keep them stuck to my fur, on my tummy.  I was only saving it for later but they made me eat it when they found it!
The tall female was playing with paper and ribbon, I was too sleepy to join in at first and enjoying the warm spot I have claimed on the other females foot, but then she brough me some ribbon to chew.  I like chewing things, it make my teeth feel better.  I think I'm growing extra ones so I can eat more biscuits.

I let the tall human stroke me today without me playing with her hand! Training is going well, she even sneezes like me, though I do less of it now!  I hope the others want to play today.  Now that I need to sneeze less, there is more time for running around.

My fits are less and I am really enjoying the life of a normal cat in a normal home.  They look after me well and I hope to be here for many years.

Wren XX