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Gift Aid Bonus

31 March 2016
Gift Aid Bonus

Just a little helps a lot.

For every cat that is happily rehomed, we receive a Homing Fee of £65, which goes towards the cost of caring for that cat during its stay in the Adoption Centre (although the actual cost is closer to £150 per cat).

Did you know that with just a little extra, added as a donation could add up to more than you think.

Gift Aid is a Government scheme to help charities increase their income, by refunding a goodly portion of any donation back to the charity.  Currently the Gift Aid scheme is 25p for every £1 - that is a whopping 25% extra coming back to us.

for example
Homing Fee                =£65
Extra Donation           = £5
Total                         = £70
Gift Aid amount          = £5
Gift Aid 25% refund    = £1.25
Total amount donated = £6.25

As we could rehome up to 100 cats every month, this small amount could potentially add up to an amazing figure over time, which will continue to help all the cats and kittens in our care.

£6.25 multiplied by 100 = £625.00  per month = Astonishing ! 
Over six hundred pounds generated just from an extra £5 added as an extra donation whenever a cat is rehomed. 

Please could you consider giving just that little bit extra in donation when you take your cat to its new home - a little that means so much more for all the cats and kittens still waiting to find their new home.  Thank you.