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Come and meet our long stay cats

30 August 2018
Come and meet our long stay cats

Not all of our cats are lucky enough to get snapped up quickly and this means we sometimes have cats with us for a number of months; we call them our ‘long stayers’.

This doesn’t mean there is necessarily anything wrong with them, in fact we think they’re lovely, it just means that they’ve not found the right owners yet, and we’d love for you to come and meet them.

Up until recently we had three long stayers - Zoe, Puss and Chico. We were over the moon when Zoe finally went to a good home, but Puss and Chico are still waiting to find the right owners.

Puss came to us as a stray and was initially very nervous as she was used to living outside in the open and so moving into one of our cat pens must have been very strange for her. She used to hide under her fort when people went past or came to feed her or clean the pen, but over the length of her stay she has come on leaps and bounds. Puss now dotes on our cat care staff; often whirling around their legs when they’re in her pen and affectionately nuzzling their hands when they reach out to her. It’s been a tremendous journey for Puss and although it’s taken a while for her to trust people, she'd be an affectionate and friendly addition to the right home.

Our second long stayer, Chico, is a black and white beauty and loves nothing more than sitting outside and watching the world go by, which often means he's overlooked by visitors who don't view the outside part of the cat pens. He's a gorgeous boy and wants nothing more than the opportunity to explore a proper garden, which unfortunately is something we can’t let him do at the Adoption Centre. He also loves to play, often swirling around his scratch post and running in and outside. Could you be his new playmate?

Although we provide all of our cats with the best possible care, living in a pen long-term isn’t ideal. Cats love to roam around and find different places to take a quick cat nap as well different places to play in. It has been a glorious summer and we'd love for both Chico and Puss to experience these last few weeks of the season exploring in their own gardens and homes.

Why not come down to our Adoption Centre and meet Puss and Chico? We’re open every day from 11am – 3pm.

*Since writing this article we are pleased to say Puss has beenr ehomed but Chic is still looking.

*Photos are of Chico and Puss.