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Christmas is coming!

27 November 2018
Christmas is coming!

It's officially the season to be jolly and we hope that you’re getting into the festive spirit!

We love Christmas here at the Birmingham Adoption Centre and we welcome you to come on down to the centre during the festive period and enjoy a mince pie or two whilst passing on your season’s greetings to our feline family.

We currently have a raffle on the go, with an array of fantastic prizes up for grabs and all monies raised will go towards the care of our cats. We also welcome Christmas gifts for all of our cats and kittens and so if you’d like to donate any food or make a cash donation, do pop on down, it would really make our cats' Christmas! The food our cats need can be found on our amazon wishlist by clicking here

Celebrating ‘Catmas’

It's a tradition of ours to treat the cats to something special on Christmas morning. Many of you will celebrate Christmas with your families by enjoying a delicious meal, be it the classic Turkey and all the trimmings, a crispy nutroast with a side of cauliflower cheese or perhaps something completely different - we all have our own traditions. Well, we have a Christmas tradition here at the centre too and our cats are treated to scrumptious roast chicken on Christmas day and it's something that they absolutely love.

A cat isn't just for Christmas

Along with enjoying some delicious food, it's also a time for giving and many of you will be exchanging presents and hoping for a visit from Santa Claus. Some of you may be thinking about getting a cat for your family or partner as the ultimate Christmas gift – well, we think this is a fantastic idea, but it's important that you do it properly. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Can you afford to look after a cat? You will need to pay for food, any vets bills, a comfy bed, a litter tray if it's an indoor cat and of course, a few toys are always necessary!
  • What kind of cat do you want? Kittens require a lot of time and attention and elderly cats may also have needs - do you have the time or would you prefer a more independent cat?
  • Do you already have pets? Will adding a cat to your animal family cause any stress?
  • Is anyone in your house allergic to cat hair? Sometimes cats come into our care because their owners are allergic to cat hair, so it’s important that you check this out first.

If you’ve considered these questions and are ready to make the commitment, we encourage you to bring your partner or family to the Adoption Centre to meet the cat you have in mind. We feel that it's important for everyone who will be living with the cat to meet it before making the decision. To keep the element of surprise, why not wrap up a cute little cat teddy or a can of tuna and then explain what the gift means. You can then arrange to come down to the centre together.

You can read more about the adoption process here: https://www.cats.org.uk/adopt-a-cat/ready-to-adopt

We're open throughout the December, so do pop in and say hello and wish our cats a purrrfect Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all at Birmingham Adoption Centre!