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Adopting a shy cat...

28 January 2017
Adopting a shy cat... A lot of shy cats are overlooked in our Adoption Centre because they are usually hiding away out of sight.

It is understandable that some cats are overwhelmed by the change of circumstances they find themselves in, and will only feel more settled when back in a proper home.

The Adoption Centre is really only a half-way house for cats that are looking for another permanent home.

We recently recieved this wonderful update from a person who adopted a shy cat.  Read on and be inspired.

Hi I am a long time supporter of Cats Protection, and I still sponsor a pen/cat.  Some time ago in 2001 we adopted a cat from you called Jane, (I think she was named after a volunteer at the time who brought in strays then).  She was looking after her two kittens which where adopted before we adopted her.

Jane was a very shy cat when we took her home, but she settled down within a few weeks - of course we had to keep her in for about a month as advised by Cats Protection.  And she turned out to be such a nice natured cat, so I hope people don't get put off by adopting a shy cat. She is so affectionate, and has no problem being handled by the vet.  

We think Jane is about 17 now, and is on meds for an overactive thyroid gland, which I believe is quite common in older cats. We did get a kitten soon after adopting her, which helped bring her out of her shell - a great bit of advice from the vet.

That kitten is 15 now, and I thought this update may help a few more shy cats get new homes.

Kind regards, Kathleen