Lost and Found

What Do I Do If My Cat Goes Missing ?

It's always a worry when your pet goes missing for some time.  Usually they have either just wandered a bit out of their usual roaming territory, and do not recognise where they are.  Or they may have found pleasurable company and decided to hang around with them for a while, especially if your cat has not been neutered.

With luck and a bit of patience, your cat will shortly work out where it needs to be (cats leave scent trails everywhere) and come trotting home looking for fuss and food as if nothing has happened, unaware of your anguished waiting.

However, if your cat has suddenly deviated from their normal routine, and has not returned home at their usual time, then firstly check your own sheds or garages, as they may have been inadvertently shut in there.  Then ask your neighbours if they have seen or noticed your cat recently, and ask them to check their sheds or garage as well.

After a longer absence, you may want put a few notices detailing your missing cat up on local lamp-posts, trees and under car windscreen wipers.  Check with your cat-insurance company, as your policy may entitle you to help in advertising for a lost animal.

If you still have no joy in locating your cat, then the next step is to contact your local vet to inform them of your predicament - and ask if they have had any unaccounted-for pets handed in due to injury. 

If your cat is microchipped inform the company who holds your contact details, and also broaden your search by contacting other organizations such as:

    local RSPCA - 0300 1234 999
    local PDSA - 0800 917 2509
    Pet Search UK - 0121 743 4133

You can also register your cat as missing for free on Animal Search UK
Visit Animal Search to register your cat as missing

Also phone round any local animal rescue charities in your area likely to receive lost animals - a few are listed below.

     Cats Protection - Birmingham Adoption Centre = 01564 822 020
     Wythall Animal Sanctury = 01564 823288
     Cramar Cat Rescue = 0121 445 1840
     Blue Cross = 0121 453 3130

All the above rescue charities and most vets will automatically scan an animal for a Microchip in the hope of reuniting it with its owner.