Stracy's London Marathon Mission

This beautiful boy was the start of Stracy’s journey, having viewed all the cats at the Birmingham Adoption Centre, Stracy and Steve decided that Bill Gates was the one that stole their heart. Bill was petrified of everything and would wet himself if he was touched.
They took him home knowing that it may take months to bring him around. Bill was only heard when he played downstairs in the hallway overnight with his ping pong balls, as soon as daylight came he was back under the bed in his safe haven. After many weeks, Bill decided that it was okay living with Stracy and Steve and decided that he would now sleep on the bed. That was the point when everything changed, he became one of the most fussiest cats and loved to play ball up and down the stairs, you throw it up the stairs and he would sit and bat it back down to you. (it wasn’t cool to put too much effort in)!! After years of being together Bill became more and more trusting and had a wonderful, happy and contented life much to the point that he didn’t even venture out of the garden, he was happy to sit and sunbathe on the decking until his lunch was ready.
After years of being together, Bill Gates became more and more trusting, but unfortunately he passed away suddenly.  Birmingham Adoption Centre could not have asked for a more perfect home for Bill as he was very much loved and doted on. He had his every need catered for and received so much love.
Stracy wanted to give something back to the Birmingham Adoption Centre so decided to run the London Marathon to raise funds for us. She started training and pounded the streets day after day, hour after hour, resting only when her trainer told her to. Everyone backed Stracy and sponsored her on her just giving page and through sponsorship forms etc. The day arrived and Stracy completed the enormous challenge with flying colours, she raised a staggering amount of around £1500.00 to date, this will rise with the kind donations that we were able to claim the Gift Aid back on.
We will forever be indebted to Stracy and Steve for giving Bill Gates an amazing home and for being a big part of the Adoption Centre, she has helped an enormous amount of cats that pass through the centre for one reason or another, she has allowed us to help more cats that need us.
You are still able to donated to Stracy’s achievement by texting CATS23  to  70660.