Stanley - From life on the streets to a life of luxury.

Stanley was a very grubby stray tom cat, with a collection of souvenirs of his rough living.  His teeth were rotting and broken, and a massive abscess on his neck was raw and filthy.  Having to endure being neutered, as well as having his fangs cleaned and polished, his golden nature shined though when his huge abscess wound had to be cleaned out - not a bad word or gesture was heard from him all that time.  

Over the next several weeks, Stanley's neck wound continued to improve, knitting well and almost disappearing entirely - when he was discovered to have an untreated injury to his back leg - so bad, that it had to be amputated !  So the poor lad had to have yet another operation, on top of all he already gone through - and took this with just as much goodwill as before.  Obviously feeling much better without his annoying leg pain, he was purring his head off whenever he was fussed, even whilst wearing the "cone of shame".

Another few weeks later, he was ready for rehoming, and presented himself as rather a handsome lad, now he had scrubbed up, with a few good meals inside him.  And shortly after, was picked up by a fabulous family who tell us that he has settled in really well and has found a favourite spot on the sofa. He is really finding his feet (all three of
them!) and seems much more confident getting around. Apparently he loves sleeping on the bed and is a complete fuss pot!

The last few pictures are of Stanley enjoying his new life.  He is a fabulously friendly personality and was a firm favourite at the Adoption Centre. It gives the staff great joy to see him well settled into his nice, warm and safe, loving home.

Well done Stanley, and massive Thank You to his new owners.