To all my Aunts and Uncles

It's been four weeks of hard slog, but at long last I think Mum and Dad are now fully trained and fit for purpose.

They read their Domino manual (info pack) just as advised and as the untrained human does.  It wasn't so long before they hit as stumbling block.
Feeding; "Feed your cat Felix, just as they've been eating at the centre" hahahahaha.  I will say no more apart from we've gone from a box of Felix in the kitchen cupboard to a small room full of every catfood you could imagine... amazing what a bit of "I'm not eating this," achieves in those early days.

Just as I'm up and running, you'll never guess who I bump into on the landing... ZOE !
I won't lie, I wasn't and I'm not that impressed, I've done all the ground work here and  Zoe walks into a home/gourmet restaurant where everything's all set up.  Nevertheless I'm not rude, I always take the time to pass unpleasantries with her when our paths cross.

My dad is amazing.  I follow him everywhere shouting "Mum !", he always sees the funny side.  He has/had a very nice computer chair in his office which he gave to me on day two.  My mum tells him off when she pops in and sees him kneeling on the floor typing at his desk whilst I curl up on my chair watching.  (She has been more difficult to train I must admit).

There's a daft dog who lives with us called Penny.  She's a bit odd.  She walks round in circles a lot.  She's harmless though.

There's also a fearless teenager living at my house.  Hard as nails, scared of nothing... well apart from ghosts that stalk the moonlit landing, eerily calling out during the midnight hours (okay, okay, it's me really) haha.

Mum said that you told her that you couldn't understand why nobody had re-homed me before they did.  She said she could.  She said it was a reason called Fate !

So I guess I'm sorted.

Thank you for all the love you gave me and for finding me my forever home.  I'll never forget you.

Love Domino xxxx