Cats and Dogs

How can I integrate a cat into a household with dogs ?

The success of introducing a cat to a dog, or vice versa, will depend on the character and previous experiences of both animals. Cats that have previously happily lived with a dog are likely to learn to accept a new dog more easily than are those that have either not seen dogs before, or been chased by them.

Equally, dogs that have previously lived calmly with a cat are generally easier to introduce to a new cat than would those that have never seen cats or who have learned to chase them. The process of integration needs to be slow and careful to ensure that both animals are not stressed and that chasing and running responses do not become established.

The easiest time to integrate dogs and cats is during their 'socialisation period' (up to eight weeks of age in cats and 12 weeks in dogs), during which time puppies and kittens will accept the presence of the other individual as 'normal'.

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