Arizona's Final Message

Arizona's Final Message

Hi Guys

I thought you might like a final update about Arizona's (Toasties) progress:  He's come a long way from that timid little boy I first saw at the shelter.

I'd anticipated a gradual supervised introduction to the garden once he was used to the house but he had other ideas:  he leapfrogged over Beans at the door and it too 3 DAYS of calling, sitting in the garden until late at night, and taking food out to him until I got close enough to grab him and run back in.  Got a nice nip for my trouble but once he was in he settled into a chair for the first time, happy as Larry.

First trip to the vet (for prescription flea treatment): the door wasn't properly shut in the supposed secure room.  Esculated from being too slow to shut the carrier door to chasing him all over the house.  Finally shut us both in his original bedroom and had to dismantle the bed as he hid underneath.  I won, then after warning the vet that he was a spirited character and hard to handle he was a complete sweetheart and let her cuddle him!!

Anyway I wish you could see how happy he is rocketing up and down the garden, attacking lumps of grass and the hoze nozzle.  He likes to spend most of the day out and must be a proficient hunter because he's not ravenous when he comes in.  He's learned that he can come and go as he pleases through the bathroom window, and he has chosen a cosy blanket bed on a chair as his own.  He's often waiting in it for us to come down in the morning, and he's a glutton for big fuss: rolls around on his back and allows belly rubs too!

I swear that he's part puppy by the way he charges around and tries to jump at Beans (who was having none of it, but seems to be calming down a little).  He has no concept of Beans personal space at food or treat time and gets right in his face, but he's never shown any aggression - he just wants to play!!  Its been a bit of a shock for Beans who has spent a lot of time on the lookout for Toast to pop up at him, but he watches him run around the garden and has started to let him get close without hissing and running away.  Its hard to believe Toastie is the 'older' cat!

But his most recent progrss has been to tolerate my mum visiting overnight.  Normally he would run away from strangers, but he didn't panic and he stayed in the room, he even waited for her to let him open it!  This is a massive leap for him - so although he's still not a cuddle lap cat I can see that he is feeling so much more secure and is enjoying life which is great.  The next challenge will be to get him used to being picked up!

We hope that you have enjoyed the updates on Arizona's (Toasties) progress, it shows that you can take on a nervous cat and with time and patience they can become part of the family.  We would like to thank Arizona's new owner for the updates and allowing us to publish his stories.