Arizona's Diary Week Two


Strokes during brekkie, head fuss while under the bed afterwards.  DO NOT TOUCH BACK FEET!  A few times waiting on rug or windowsill before hiding under bed when I go in.  Likes the enclosed box bed I made him.  Have brought more treats for positive reinforcement/bribery.  Escaped room in the evening so let him have an explore: met Beans who growled, but no hissing or fighting.  Did several circuits looking at everything before getting him back in his room.  Has started talking to me! Evening: sits on windowsill and cries loudly at street.


Is often behind door when it's opened, and staying out longer before hiding.  Had another excursion around house before retiring for brekkie.  Very scared of son who needs to spend more time with him.  Good play with fishy on a string: loves taking it to his nest.  Let out of room again but went to earth under son's bed - scared of me again.  Spent evening galloping around upstairs.

DAY 10

So cute!  On windowsill when I went in.  Ate brekkie then played on bed while I lay NEXT TO HIM!  Rolling on his back and leant on my legs.  Rubbing his face on the tent and being very skittish.  Let our of room again.  He's finding his voice and is spending a lot of time crying at the windows.  Don't think he's seen mirrors before!

DAY 11

Much more vocal today, left his door open while Beans was out so he was walking around and shouting.  Came up to my face while I was napping.  Still scarpers as soon as I move though.  Has taken treats from son!  Also learning that treats can be had, and games played in other rooms.  OMG been so cute: getting closer, invesigated my slippers (on feet) went under legs to sniff blanket.  Videoed him lying down next to me and being fussed, but it's still strictly limited before he's back in his corner.

DAY 12

He sings 'oorah, oorah, oorah' MUCH quicker coming out from under bed and stays out longer but still resists contact unless he is eating.  Face to face with Beans who did all the swearing but no bushtails or fighting.  Have plugged in Feliway friends.  Has spent most of the day trotting around the house shouting.  Had a play in his room before shut in for the night.  Not so interested in play.

DAY 13

Oh dear, has peed on rug in the night.  Assume it's a protest about being shut in.  Wanted to exit straight after brekkie and circuited the house bellowing at the windows.  Have been using ferminator on him while he eats, and getting him used to feel of 2 hands on him in preperation for when he needs to be picked up.  Daughter returned from uni and he is wary of her.  Spent evening doing circuits.  One run-in with Beans, the both doing loaf impressions at each other.

DAY 14

Stayed on the bed! (thought about hiding but lay down again).  Said hello, HEAD BUTTED MY HAND!  permitted scratching.  Currently doing house circuits and calling.  Getting better at me walking about him outside of room.  Uh oh, looks like timid Toastie is trying to be dominant and poor Beans is scared to come in the house.  Toasties body language while circuiting the house is still low with tail down so he's not happy yet, but is now talking to son.  He's very loud now! charging around the house all evening, like to gallop up and down stairs and skid around the corners.  Beans has been curled up on the sofa trying to ignore him despite Toastie's frequent visits to sniff him.  They loafted at each other for a while.  Beans hisses if he gets too close, but no aggression from Toastie.  Has found and used downstairs litter tray.  Discovered and played in tunnel.  Likes catching and running off with ribbon.  Had good to do with ping-pong.  Was waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I went to bed; straight to his room - waiting for me to put him to bed for the night! Let me fuss him while in his nest.