Long Stay Cats

We have received an amazing amount of interest in our long stay cats which has lead to most of them finding new, fantastic homes.  However poor Benson and Murdock are still waiting.

Can you offer one or both of these wonderful boys a new home?  They are both affectionate, loving and have wonderful personalities.  Their only downfall is that they are black in colour so are being overlooked constantly.  Murdock does love a fuss and will dribble in delight when fussed and dreams of a warm lap to rest on.  Benson (with his short tail) loves a neck rub and just having a companion would make his day. 

Please come along and say hello to these fantastic boys and hopefully you will fall in love with them so they do not have to spend too much longer at the centre.  It would be great for them to have a home for the summer months.


Needs a comfortable lap to sleep on in the evenings.


Just needs an amazing amount of fuss.

Thank you for reading about our longer than normal stay cats, if you can offer any of these beautiful cats a new start in life then please come and visit them.  The centre is open 7 days a week from 11am - 3pm including bank holidays.

We all look forward to seeing you soon.